A little bit of History...

The ROMANELLI brand was born from the hands of skilled artisans placed in the hills of Chianti, who tanned leather for Florence workshops in the late 1920s. 1961 marks the year when one of these tanners, Giampaolo Romanelli, founded the homonymous furrier’s workshop.
The great passion for this craft allowed the children Stefano and Luca to join in the old family activity the processing of the genuine Italian cow leather handled and worked entirely by hand, rediscovering the value of vegetable tanning made with natural enzymes or with extracts of wood. This treatment respects the soul, the veins and the natural color of the skin, making it smooth, soft and shiny and giving the cowhide an unmistakable scent.

Craftsmanship Knowledge

In addition to the realization of objects with this striking material, the ROMANELLI brand specialized in the production of objects in most precious leathers such as crocodile and ostrich, but also with other lesser known but equally highly charming and beautiful like the elephant.
The constant quest for quality, materials and attention to detail has made this reality come to the fourth generation by combining with wisdom and mastery tradition and innovation, but still setting the "handmade", the exclusivity of the product and MADE IN ITALY in first place.


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